The Complete Berlioz 

The following index of Berlioz's work by category of performing force has been assembled to assist musicians in planning for bicentennial performances of the Berlioz repertoire; it is a constituent of the activities of the international commission organizing Berlioz 2003, the Paris-based festival series expected to run from 1999 to December 2003. Each title below is linked to a database page that lists the required performing force, available scores and parts, and best available recordings. The database pages are in turn linked, where applicable, to pages that may be used as program copy and, as they become available, texts and translations. This index is abstracted (and updated) from D. Kern Holoman, Catalogue of the Works of Hector Berlioz, New Berlioz Edition vol. 25 (Kassel, etc.: Bärenreiter, 1987).

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Berlioz 2003